Welcome to Thing's To Move, Inc.

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We offer the following services.


* Lowboy
* Rollback
* Super Beam
* Beam
* Stretch
* Flat
* Step Deck
* High Flat


FAQ About Thing's To Move, Inc.

Q. How many trucks?
     A. We currently have 4 company-owned trucks, with 11 various types of trailers. 
Q. Do you handle hazmat?
     A. No
Q. Do you belong to any organizations?
     A. Yes, we are a member of the OTA (Ohio Trucking Association), Rittman Chamber of Commerce and Medina Chamber of Commerce
Q. What is your operating territory?
     A. We operate predominately in the northeast, but we have 48 state contract and common carrier authority.
Q. Are you a storage facility?
     A. Yes, our facility is situated on 8.5 commercial acres and we have storage abilities.
Q. What dimensions are considered oversized?
     A. Typically, if a machine is 40' feet of overall length, 8'6" of overall width and 13'6" overall height, with a 33,000 pound gross vehicle weight, it is considered over dimensional and would require a permit.
Q. What is the lead time on permits?
     A. It varies from state to state and varies per size of the load. We order our permits directly from most states so our lead time for routine issued permits is reduced from days to hours. Super load permits may require days or weeks depending on the states traveled and the issuing Permit Office. Local municipalities sometimes take longer than state permits.
Q. Are we bonded?
     A. Yes.
Q. What are your liability limits?
     A. We have $1 million in automobile liability and $1 million of cargo coverage.
Q. Do we haul just construction equipment?
     A. No, we haul generators, presses, large machinery, culverts, barrier walls, connex boxes, large trucks, gas well, drilling rigs and miscellaneous construction equipment.

Contact Us

840 Seville Road
Wadsworth, OH 44281

Office: 330-334-1950
Fax: 330-334-0479
Dispatch: 330-690-3184